Chit Funds

Kapil Chit Funds Pvt Ltd, the flagship company of the ‘Kapil group’ started its business operations in May 1981. As the number of branches, people handling the operations and auction turnover increased, the management for operational reasons and also with a view to create promotional avenues for the staff who have made this growth possible, stopped new chit business under this company and all new business is handled by the four fully owned subsidiary companies. Each company operates within specific geographical areas and they pay a non-compete fee to the parent company based on the monthly auction turnover.


The subsidiary companies are:

Kapil Chits ( Kakatiya ) Pvt Ltd

Kapil Chits ( Hyderabad ) Pvt Ltd

Kapil Chits ( Karnataka ) Pvt Ltd

Kapil Chits ( Kosta ) Pvt Ltd


All the above companies are collectively called ‘Kapil Chits ’. Kapil Chits have over 300 offices, over 16,000 persons are gainfully employed with an annual chit auction turnover exceeding Rs 3,600 crores and has over 7,00,000 satisfied customers as on FEB 2014, Kapil chits continues to march ahead with its time tested values of honesty, reliability and trustworthiness. The most important strength of this group is its committed employees and associates. At present the entire management is under the control of the Board of Directors who have all grown through the ranks, with over two decades of honest service in this business with this group.


For more information visit www.kapilchits.com