Who We Are

A Brief Overview

To multiply small successes is precisely to build one treasure after another. In time one becomes rich without realizing how it has come about

- Frederick the great (1712-1786).

From a start up in 1981, Kapil Chit Funds Pvt Ltd has grown to be a conglomerate it is today. Our most significant imprint has been in the service sector - offering financial service to our customers through chits, insurance products and loans.


The real estate sector is an exciting place to be in. The potential to grow in this sector is huge in spite of high land costs and cumbersome procedures. The real estate sector – laying plots and construction activity has helped us in hedging our risk from a purely financial services company. Construction of apartments as a developer and on company owned land is in progress. Pre-cast compound walls are being produced in Hyderabad currently. We have plans to expand into other locations in Andhra Pradesh.


HMTV – Hyderabad media house television, a telugu news channel has been delivering unbiased news to the people of Andhra Pradesh for the past 5 years, while The Hans India an English Newspaper has been delivering print coverage to the AP populace giving them both AP centric, national and international news . The paper is simultaneously published from 5 locations across AP.


We have increased our presence in agriculture and animal husbandry by increasing dairy farming, poultry, sheep rearing, emu birds, pig rearing etc. Our farming activities has improved our understanding of villages and village life and is encouraging us try cooperative dairy farming so that villagers with one or two cows can also enjoy the benefits of using modern infrastructure and thereby see significant returns.


We have ventured into solar power generation. We believe that energy requirements for a young economy like India are bound to grow and keep growing for long time. Clean and renewable sources of energy are preferred to conventional sources.


Information technology gives wings for companies to grow and expand. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for our in-house commercial activities have paved a way for outside commercial sales of the same software. This division has expanded beyond AP. We have customized software for Construction, Manufacturing, and the Service Sector.


We have exposure to the manufacturing sector with our bread manufacturing units which were started a few decades ago. We continue to operate a plastic factory which manufactures PP bags and covers. The group has a tie-up with Oakwood Asia Pacific for setting up a twenty floor Hotel/Serviced apartment. This has given us exposure in dealing with international clients and companies. We have a sizable land bank across the state and that gives the group confidence and stability.


The jewel in the crown our Cancer and Therapy center which is located in a remote rural district. The Cancer Hospital helps patients get affordable Cancer treatment. Treatment given in the city is expensive and most of the rural population cannot afford transport and accommodation costs. The hospital conducts free cancer detection camps in remote villages and cares for terminally ill cancer patients.


All group companies were incubated with the intention of seeing that all the stakeholders, i.e. our investors, employees and customers benefit. Profits are important to the growth and survival of a company but profit alone is not the most important motivating factor for us. The satisfaction of having generated employment for so many thousands of persons associated with the group is immense. The group strives hard to fulfill their aspirations and will continue to do so. Since inception honesty and transparency have been inbuilt into the DNA of our company. Like our slogan for our chit fund company, “Small savings grow big with Kapil Chits” Small steps towards growth has resulted in a what we are today. We enjoy a lot of goodwill in the markets we operate in and we guard our reputation closely. Our customers, employees and investors have time and again shown their faith by believing, trusting and investing with us.